Kiefer Sutherland is taking a break from television to star in a big-screen horror movie.

The 24 actor will leave the role of JACK BAUER behind while shooting the supernatural thriller MIRRORS in Romania, reports Variety, before starting to work on the feature-length 24 next year.

Sutherland's most recent silverscreen project was last year's THE SENTINEL, which also saw Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria make the transition to movies.

He will portray an ex-cop who discovers a force behind a mysterious mirror that apparently brings out the worst in the people who look at their reflection in it.

THE HILLS HAVE EYES director ALEJANDRE AJA is behind the movie, for which Sutherland reportedly signed up after script problems with the film adaptation of the hit series 24.

Aja is a member of the so-called Splat Pack. Film historian Alan Jones coined the phrase which is a collective term for young directors who make brutally violent films in the horror genre.

French-born Aja, 28, is joined by fellow Splat Pack members ELI ROTH (CABIN FEVER), Rob Zombie (THE DEVIL'S REJECTS), NEIL MARSHALL (THE DESCENT), JAMES WAN and Leigh Whannell (SAW), DARREN LYNN BOUSMAN (SAW II) and WOLF CREEK director GREG MCLEAN.

06/02/2007 14:22:27