Emmy Award winner Kiefer Sutherland regrets his drunken attack on a Christmas tree last year (05), and insists the whole incident was meant to be a joke. The star was acting as a tour manager for the band ROCCO DeLUCA AND THE BURDEN when he was dared to tackle the tree in a London hotel lobby. The 24 star and bandmembers were filming the documentary I TRUST YOU TO KILL ME so the embarrassing moment was caught on tape, and subsequently circulated on the internet. He says, "It's painful. It's really painful. I don't have a lot of mirrors in my house and there's a reason for that. "And this film is a very, very big mirror and I watched it for the first time and knew I needed to make some very serious changes in my life. "It was a dare. That was one of the moments that certainly made it difficult for me to watch the movie. I meant it as a joke. "It was to make people laugh, but unfortunately there are things that I think are funny at two o'clock in the morning that aren't funny at ten o'clock the next day."