Actor Kiefer Sutherland credits his strict boarding school education with instilling a strong work ethic, because it taught him the discipline needed to succeed as an actor.

The son of Donald Sutherland lived in Toronto with his mother, Canadian actress Shirley Douglas, following his parents' divorce in 1970, but was sent to boarding school aged 12.

He says, "I have a friend for whom going to a school like that had a traumatic, negative effect. But it affected me in an incredibly positive way.

"I had a housemaster called Ted Harrison, a stern Glaswegian who was a father-figure to me. Ted was one of those men who would pull you aside and say, 'I don't mind if ye have a little bit of fun, mate. But ye have tae get yet work done and yer not doing that, so that's why yer going tae be out running tomorrow morning.'

"He was right. It was about getting the work done. That's stuck with me my whole life. Whenever I've gotten out of line all I have to do is remember Ted Harrison."