The horror film Mirrors , starring Kiefer Sutherland of 24 fame, which opened without being screened for critics, was reviewed by them over the weekend. It received the expected pans. Mark Olsen in the Los Angeles Times called it "ridiculous" and added, " Mirrors reflects back nothing." Jeanette Catsoulis in the New York Times commented that Sutherland "is believably beleaguered, though not even as Jack Bauer did he ever pull a gun on a nun. It's good to see him stretch." But, addressing Sutherland, Roger Moore wrote in the Orlando Sentinel , "There's got to be more of an excuse for this than 'this is all I could line up for my hiatus from 24 .'" And Bruce DeMara in the Toronto Star concluded "In a film that features scads of broken mirrors, the recipients of the proverbial bad luck seem to be those who unwisely bought a ticket."