Kiefer Sutherland is to follow up '24' with a web series.

The actor will appear in 'The Confession', a series of 10 five-to-seven minute episodes about a hit man who has a discussion with a priest about why his victims deserve to die.

The 44-year-old star said: "It came about in such a different way. I know so little about the internet, but that's what a lot of friends do for work. Most of that stuff being produced for the internet is comedy, very much like 'Jackass' kind of material, which is great but didn't appeal to me."

However Kiefer was tempted to go down the web route when he spoke to Chris Young of Digital Broadcasting Group, who impressed him with his "criteria".

He added to Entertainment Weekly: "Chris started talking about wanting to do a drama, but his criteria was so different. A drama in five-minute episodes! It was one of those things, like a puzzle over the course of the lunch. It can't be that complicated to figure out a story in five minutes, right? I couldn't, and it frustrated the crap out of me.

"So I went home that night, still thinking about it, and it stayed with me for three days. I was falling asleep when I literally got this idea of a confessional."