Actor Kiefer Sutherland has been released from jail this morning after serving a drink-driving sentence.

According to a spokesman for Glendale jail in California, the 24 star left at 00:05 local time (07:05 GMT).

The 24 star was sentenced to 48 days in jail in December over a second driving under the influence conviction and for violating the terms of his probation agreement.

A spokesperson for the jail, John Balian, told People magazine that the star had not asked for special treatment during his term.

"Throughout his stay, he never griped, never complained. He never wanted preferential treatment from the get-go, and we respect him for that," he said.

Speaking to the magazine, he added that Sutherland did not include his family or friends on his visitor request list and that he only met with his lawyer and doctor during his sentence.

During his time, Sutherland did laundry duty and other cleaning work at the prison. He spent his birthday, Christmas and the new year in prison.

Fan mail for the imprisoned actor came in regularly, Mr Balian added.

Sutherland's December sentencing included a five-year probation order and demands that he complete an 18-month alcohol education programme and attend weekly therapy sessions for six months.

21/01/2008 10:40:06