TV tough guy Kiefer Sutherland has been reduced to a quivering wreck by his teenage daughter's driving.

The 24 actor, who has been teaching 15-year-old SARAH JUDE to drive for the past few months, has now passed the job onto family friends because he can't handle the pressure.

Sutherland says, "I play this character who is supposed to be this very tough guy who can take on anything, and I can't handle a 15-year-old driver.

"I was like Garfield on the side of the window saying, 'Let me out, let me out.'

"She does this terrible thing - she follows the rules perfectly, she puts on her signal, checks her mirrors and then looks over her shoulder, and as she does that she turns the wheel and just sweeps across three lanes.

"I warned her before that I would probably panic but by the time she got out of the car she was so panicked by me that she had pulled her forearms by grabbing the steering wheel so tight.

"I grabbed the wheel twice. By the end of it she was pretty freaked."

19/11/2003 09:26