Kid Rock is fearing bosses at K-MART will launch legal action against him, following revelations he stole a keyboard from the American store chain a number of years ago.

The Michigan native, former fiance of Pamela Anderson, admitted on comedian Jay Leno's chat show on Wednesday night (28APR04) that he once had a job at K-Mart before his music success - and it was all for dishonest purposes.

He said, "I didn't really work there, I just got a job there so I could steal a keyboard. I didn't have any money. I was too stupid to get a real job and make some money to buy it.

"I used to have to close the doors at night, so I just waited until the manager was up front and I grabbed the keyboard, threw it in a dumpster outside and just came back and got it later.

"This is not something I'm promoting. This is something I did. I'm gonna get arrested tomorrow or something. That would suck!"

30/04/2004 09:02