Kid Rock has hit out at Mel Gibson, Michael Richards and other celebrity apologists for failing to convince America they're really sorry for errors of judgment. Gibson made public apologies after spewing anti-Semitic rhetoric at a Jewish traffic cop, who caught him drink driving last summer (06), while comedian Richards appeared on America's The Late Show after racially abusing two hecklers at a comedy store - and getting caught on camera. Kid Rock wasn't convinced either man really meant what he was saying when he apologised - and he hates the trend of celebrities sobbing about how sorry they are. He tells American magazine Blender, "Nobody's got a backbone anymore. Guys will say f**ked up things on the radio, or Mel Gibson gets drunk, and they start apologising, crying to everybody. "I'm tired of everybody saying, 'I'm sorry,' especially when you know they're really not. "I never get into trouble for anything I say, because people just expect it. If I did, I would say, 'It's not that I didn't mean to say it, it's just that I wish I wouldn't have.'"