Kid Rock served up some celebrity advice to Kevin Federline at the Kentucky Derby on Saturday (05May07), telling Britney Spears' ex to keep his kids away from the spotlight. The two stars seemed to hit it off when they met for the first time at the famous horse race, with Rock imparting some fatherly advice to Federline. Reporters overheard Rock telling the rapper/dancer to keep his kids out of the spotlight at all times, to which he responded, "You never see me photographed with the kids." Rock was accompanied to the Derby by new girlfriend, model May Andersen. He told People magazine, "She's my Danish sweetheart. (She's) one of the nicest girls I've ever met." And Andersen, who almost shares the name of Rock's ex-wife, Pamela Anderson, is similarly smitten. She told the publication, "He's great. He's such a nice person. We have fun and we support each other." Rock, Federline and Andersen weren't the only stars spotted at the Derby, where British monarch Queen Elizabeth II spent the weekend - Anna Nicole Smith's ex-boyfriend, Larry Birkhead, returned to the sporting event where he met the future mother of his child, and Jenny MCCarthy were also among the celebrity guests,