Kid Rock has said that he punched fellow rocker Tommy Lee for allegedly insulting him, as both ex-husbands of Pamela Anderson insist that they weren't fighting over the Baywatch babe.

The pair had to be separated after Rock attacked the former Motley Crue star during a performance by Alicia Keys at the MTV video music awards.

Renowned celebrity blogger Perez Hilton reports Rock as telling a radio show that there was a lot of history between the two. The Detroit rocker claimed that Lee had been "extremely disrespectful" to him "for a long time".

He wondered why the drummer was even present at the ceremony. Rock claimed that he only attended the show himself as he has an album out soon.

"I'm trying to figure out what this guy's doing there, so whatever, I like that let that go. And then when I came back from the bathroom he's pretty much sitting in my seat, I'm like that's it."

He added that he couldn't stand the sight of Lee labelling him a "loser".

Asked whether the feud began over former wife Anderson, the Cowboy star denied being jealous, adding that he was happy to no longer be involved with the actress.

"It has the farthest thing to do from that. That was probably the best thing I ever did, was get out of that the day I filed for divorce... it had zero to do with her. Of course she'll tell everyone she was the victim in it, like always," he said.

In comments posted on his official website yesterday, Lee apologised to R&B singer Keys for the disruption during her performance.

He claimed that he was tapped on the shoulder by his fellow rocker and was going to greet him when he was punched. Lee also labelled Rock as "disrespectful", taunting him with the name "Kid Pebble".

Pamela Anderson has refused to comment on the incident, while announcing that she is now involved with a professional poker player.

14/09/2007 07:17:30