Kid Rock, the five times GRAMMY AWARD nominated singer, turns 40-years-old today (17th January 2011) and he celebrated over the weekend with a sell-out birthday concert in Detroit. The event, titled 'Guess I'm Frickin 40', sold out within 19 minutes but many fans who made the trip to the Ford Field stadium in downtown Detroit on Saturday were told they had fallen victim to a ticket scam.
Roseville police say they had multiple reports of phony tickets and confirmed that they are currently investigating a number of other complaints concerning online transactions. One KID ROCK fan named 'Christina DeCarolis' told The Detroit News that she bought tickets costing $375 for the concert from a website. However, after arriving at Ford Field she was denied access and had the tickets confiscated at the gates. Currently, there is no official word from the stadium's officials or the concert's promoter Live Nation. KID ROCK, real name ROBERT RITCHIE, has campaigned heavily against profiteering ticket brokers in the past.
Despite the ticket fiasco, the 60,000 crowd were treated to an evening of the singer's biggest hits and he was joined by the country legend Sheryl Crow for 'Picture' and 'Alright Now'. The show also featured a number of videotaped birthday greetings from the likes of Jon Stewart and Jay Leno.