Kid Rock could find himself in trouble with the military after confessing to a series of high jinx while visiting troops in the Middle East earlier this year (03).

The fun-loving rocker, real name BOB RITCHIE, tells the December (03) issue of MEN'S JOURNAL he told the authorities a biker pal was his manager so they could travel together.

And then he was invited into the cockpit of a military plane over Kuwait and allowed to "shoot off some flares".

Kid Rock reveals, "We had the headsets on, and I was like, '20 bucks if you can make somebody puke.' "

Rock admits it wasn't all fun and games - he felt sorry for the young soldiers who were fighting a war in terrible conditions.

He adds, "You gotta remember that these are just kids, in the middle of nowhere, sweating their d**ks off to protect their country because they were told to."

11/11/2003 21:03