The outspoken Famous hitmaker vented his thoughts about the music industry giants on Twitter on Saturday (30Jul16), choosing to reprimand Apple Music executives for their business conduct.

Decision-makers at the pioneering technology company are reportedly interested in acquiring Jay Z's Tidal, and they reportedly entered sales talks in June (16).

However, negotiations are believed to be ongoing and on Saturday, Kanye - a shareholder in Tidal - urged both sides to seal a deal quickly.

"This Tidal Apple beef is f**king up the music game," he lamented in a tweet.

"I need Tim Cook Jay Z Dez Jimmy Larry me and Drake Scooter (sic) on the phone or in a room this week!!!," he continued.

Kanye further emphasised his point by stressing an acquisition deal between Tidal and Apple Music would benefit current and future generations exponentially if it came into fruition quickly: "We all gon (sic) be dead in 100 Years. Let the kids have the music."

"Apple give Jay his check for Tidal now and stop trying to act like you Steve," he tweeted, referring to late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

However, rapper Kid Cudi, who has frequently collaborated with Kanye, disagrees with his pal's comments, insisting any deal won't be for the benefit of music artists.

"This is why the game is f**ked up," Cudi responds on "All this s**t is wack (lame). Bunch of rich guys on a power trip. This s**t aint (sic) about music. Never has.The rich just wanna get richer. Spare me".

"The art is lost," he concludes.