Khloe Kardashian's mother allegedly hopes Lamar Odom's new lawyer will help him overcome his drug problems.

Kris Jenner has hired her long-time friend, Robert Shapiro, to represent her son-in-law, who had his driving licence suspended for one year after he was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) at 3.25am last Friday (30.08.13), because the legal expert has personal experience with addiction.

A source told gossip website that the 57-year-old Kardashian matriarch believes Shapiro can provide Lamar, 33, with assistance because his own son, Brent, 24, died of an overdose in 2005.

The insider claims that the respected attorney has been involved with anti-drug foundations for the past eight years, and Kris hopes he will be able to convince the professional basketball star to seek treatment in rehab immediately.

Shapiro reportedly assured Kris that he would not take on Lamar's case unless he believed the sports star was open to getting help.

A mystery man claiming to be Lamar's dealer previously claimed that the former LA Lakers player spent approximately $50,000 on cocaine over the past three years.

He added: ''He likes to party. He's a pretty nice guy to be honest with you, but he's becoming ... his problem seems to be becoming a bigger problem.

''In my experience, he literally likes cocaine -- he is a cocaine guy. He likes to smoke it.''

Khloe, 29, is said to have kicked Lamar out of their home after a failed intervention and reports he cheated on her.