Khloe Kardashian sleeps in Vaseline to keep her skin hydrated.

The reality TV star is a huge fan of the petroleum jelly brand and puts it all over her body once a week as she knows how important it is to be moisturised.

She said: "Once a week I take Vaseline and I put it on my knees my elbows and my feet and I sleep in it because sometimes I just hate being dry. I put socks on over my feet and I swear it's like the cheapest thing you can buy and you're so moisturised."

While Khloe is a fan of Vaseline, her sister Kourtney prefers Aquaphor healing ointment and uses it as an after-sun.

She said: "I started putting Aquaphor all over my face. It's so healing, especially if you're in the sun - I mix it with serum and I just put it all over my face."

However, the girls say their best beauty tips have come from their mother, Kris Jenner.

Kourtney told People magazine: "She always tells us to use a hot washcloth and scrub up your face. She tells us that like every day. She says to get a scalding hot washcloth and put it on your face and it'll steam your pores and scrub it and everything will come out." A

Khloe added: "I'll do it once in a while but she lives by this and embeds it into our brains. We're like, 'We get it, we get it!' "