Khloe Kardashian's weight loss was triggered by her divorce from Lamar Odom.

The 'Revenge Body' star - who is now dating Tristan Thompson - has opened about what was the catalyst for her drastic body transformation, and admits that it ''stemmed from [her] divorce'' from the 37-year-old basketball player.

In an interview with Us Weekly magazine, Khloe - who filed for divorce from Lamar in 2013 - admitted: ''I really needed an outlet mentally.

''I started working out, and the clarity I received from that was so needed, and it was so therapeutic, and as a by-product I started losing weight.''

Then 32-year-old reality star insists that her new body is not just to ''prove a point'' and that she hopes to maintain her new physique.

She added: ''I was like, 'Oh, OK, I see a little definition somewhere. Let me try keep this up.

''Then I got a trainer, and a few months later, a nutritionist.

''My journey has been a long one, but it's a lifestyle change.

''I'm not trying to lose 30 pounds in 30 days to prove a point.

''I want this to be for the rest of my life.''

The blonde beauty shed an impressive 40lb, but is worried that she won't be able to keep up her tough regime forever.

A source recently said: ''Khloe is starting to feel the pressure of keeping the weight off.

''She's never had to work this hard in her life. She's really proud of what she's achieved but she's just not sure she can sustain that level of fitness.

''The idea of getting up and doing over 100 stomach crunches every morning for the rest of her life makes her feel physically ill.

''She's always had huge body hang ups and promised herself she'd get rid of the 'chubby' label.

''Getting in shape was her ultimate revenge on the people who dissed her - but where does she go from here? She wants her life back and is questioning if being thin is worth it.''