Khloe Kardashian wants women to embrace their curves.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star has collaborated with her sisters Kim and Kourtney to design a range of plus sized clothing and Khloe wants to help women who are curvier like them to love their figures.

She told Us Weekly: ''Just because you're bigger, bustier or taller, you shouldn't have fewer fashion options. Kim, Kourtney and I all have voluptuous bodies and we embrace them.

''We never want people to feel like, because they're curvier, we can't make clothes for them. We came up with this line so everyone can feel fashionable.''

The reality stars might share a mutual love of fashion, but they insist their personal styles are very different.

Kim believes her fashion choices have evolved over the years and she likes a more understated look these days.

She said: ''Mine is definitely more sleek, sophisticated and very monochromatic these days.''

Khloe agrees and says her own style is the exact opposite to her older sibling's.

She explained: ''I'm a little bit ghetto fab. I like things structured but then I add bling. Kim is very simple - she doesn't wear much jewellery unless it's gold or silver. I'm more like, 'Bring on the diamonds, Zsa Zsa Gabor-style!' And I like fitted jeans and knee high boots.''