Khloe Kardashian is reportedly keen to have a baby with Tristan Thompson as soon as possible.

The 33-year-old beauty has been dating the Canadian basketball player since last year and she is already dreaming of starting a family with her boyfriend.

A source said: ''Khloe is determined to have a natural baby with Tristan and she wants to do it ASAP. She explored a lot of medical assistance options with [ex-husband] Lamar [Odom], to have a baby and looking back she feels grateful things did not work out.

''She thinks Tristan is meant to be with her for the long haul and she is super excited to get the baby train rolling now.''

However, Tristan - who became a father for the first time in December, when his ex-partner gave birth to his son - is apparently prepared to bide his time.

The sports star reportedly feels it could be a little too soon for him to become a dad again.

The insider told ''Tristan ... is a little hesitant only because of timing.

''While he feels he will be a great father to their kids, and they both want lots of kids, Tristan feels like he just had a baby not long ago with another woman.

''He wants to put some time between his last child and starting a new family with Khlo.''

The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star is said to be accepting of Tristan's stance, but she doesn't wish to wait too much longer to have a baby.

The source shared: ''For now, Khloe is doing her best to be patient, but she won't wait much longer.

''She has been convinced that she wants to be a mom for years and is running out of time. If she is going to make this happen naturally, she has to make it happen soon.''