Khloe Kardashian says becoming a mother has changed her attitude towards fashion.

The 34-year-old reality star gave birth to her daughter True on April 12 and Khloe has admitted that she's subsequently been forced to look at clothes in a different way.

She explained: ''I think when you're in shape or just really comfortable with your body, you feel like you can put on anything and you're good to go. And then right after a baby you're just like, Oh my gosh'.

''Your stomach, you just need a little bit holding it in, if you want - right after a baby, it's hard to explain, you feel less supported in your stomach area.''

Despite this, Khloe insisted she doesn't need to be slim in order to feel confident about herself.

The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star - who has True with NBA player Tristan Thompson - has insisted she's never worried about what people say about her weight.

She told Marie Claire US magazine: ''For me, honestly my confidence has always been from my family. I was always from a very loving and supportive family.

''I am the first one to say that I didn't know that I was chubby or overweight until I got in the public eye. No one in my family ever made me feel that way. And I didn't know.''

Khloe is hugely appreciative of the support her family has given her over the years.

She recalled: ''I have always been super confident and when I started, I remember I was on a blog and they said something about my weight and I was like, 'Wait, I'm fat? Someone called me fat?'

''I just, like, laughed at it because I was like, 'I'm not fat, no one has ever said that to me before.' And I love that no one really called me fat before. I just love that, my whole life, my family, they just didn't see that.

''They saw my heart and our love for each other, so I'm so thankful for that. I've just always had a bizarre amount of confidence ever since then.''