Khloe Kardashian's pregnancy is ''physically and mentally trying''.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star is expecting her first child with her partner Tristan Thompson and admits the whole process is very tough for her but praised the sportsman for making everything ''as easy and beautiful as it can be''.

She said: ''Having a partner that is equally as excited as you are, and is such a support system, is crucial! Tristan has been an angel to me! This process is trying - physically and mentally - but Tristan has made everything as easy and beautiful as it can be! More than I could have imagined.''

And the 33-year-old television personality also revealed it was Tristan who twigged she was pregnant first.

Writing on her website, she shared: ''Tristan was the one who kept telling me, 'I think you're pregnant!' He was leaving town to go back to Toronto and I went to get a pregnancy test. I actually had to FaceTime him to tell him. I was nervous and he was so excited! Of course, it's such a blessing and such an exciting thing - but I do believe your initial reaction is always nerves. I'm so blessed that Tristan has been beyond supportive! He's helped me overcome any fear or anxiety that I have! He's always so reassuring and confident about everything when it comes to our baby.''

Meanwhile, it was previously revealed that Khloe is set to give birth in Cleveland.

They shared: ''Khloe lvoes Cleveland and sees it as her new home, plus she's had fantastic medical treatments when she's been for check ups during the pregnancy. It also offers her more privacy than shed get in LA, where no doubt it would cause a circus with paparazzi and fans camped outside the hospital. In Ohio, Khloe is treated like any other person as opposed to this huge superstar. She knows that she's better off having this baby somewhere more peaceful than LA.''