Khloe Kardashian says it ''breaks her soul'' to have to go through such tough times so publicly.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star feels that people forget that the hardships she goes through - such as her partner Tristan Thompson cheating on her with her best friend Jordyn Woods - are actually real life and not just for television.

She said: ''Emotionally, you have to be really strong for this environment that we created ... It just sucks it has to be so public, because no one understands how I'm not just a TV show. This is my life, and it breaks my soul, and it's happened so many times. Sometimes I think people forget Im not just an episode. It's not just to get something trending. It's my real life. No one would ever fake this. I get we're entertainment, but we're still human.''

Khloe made the comments as she reacted to Jordyn's betrayal and whilst she admitted she handled it wrong by publicly blaming the model for the kiss, she feels ''violated''.

Speaking on the family's E! reality show, she added: ''I just have no idea how all of this flipped like that. I reacted out of emotion ... I was just reiterating you are part of the reason. you aren't the sole reason, of course not. But regardless, she and Tristan violated me ... I'm now all of a sudden getting death threats, people threatening my child ... I didn't choose to go and make this public. Even if they did just peck, which they didn't, she decided to do an interview before talking to me.''