Khloe Kardashian believes she is ''fortunate'' to be dating Tristan Thompson.

The 33-year-old reality star struck up a relationship with the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player last year, and has said she is lucky to be dating someone she has so much in common with, especially when it comes to being ''organised''.

Writing in a new post on her app, the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star wrote: ''I love myself an organized man. I am so fortunate that Tristan is so similar to me.

''He's a Pisces and Pisces men are pretty much like that. My father and my brother are both Pisces, and we all have a crazy need for everything to be perfect, neat, overly clean and organized at all times.

''I definitely like to oversee his organizational style. But how lucky am I that he thinks my crazy is cute?!

''I also truly enjoy helping him and making things as stress-free as possible. Trust me, when you keep an organized and clean life, it definitely helps de-stress in the life areas that just don't need the headache. (sic)''

Khloe's blog post comes just days after she described her romance with Tristan, 26, as ''the best relationship [she's] ever been in'', and said she would be willing to tie the knot with him in the future, although she isn't putting a time frame on it.

The star - who was previously married to fellow basketball player Lamar Odom - said: ''I'm in the best relationship I've ever been in and it doesn't take a ring for me to feel that way. I believe in marriage and I want to be married again one day but I don't have a time frame.

''Why do people think that marriage equates to happiness? There are a lot of people in unhealthy marriages.''

And Khloe also admitted she ''definitely'' wants to have children one day and thinks Tristan - who has eight-month-old son Prince with former girlfriend Jordan Craig - is a ''great dad''.

She added: ''I definitely want a family, but I don't feel any pressure.

''Tristan is a great dad and he definitely wants more children, but we both feel that it will happen when the time is right. We're still in a new relationship and I love us having time together. Once you have kids you can't get back your non-kid years.''