Khloe Kardashian enjoys ''easy nights'' in with Tristan Thompson.

The 33-year-old reality star is currently expecting her first child with the NBA star, and has said that whilst her beau is off playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers, their household is on a strict schedule, and they like to spend their evenings ''relaxing on the couch''.

Writing on her app, she said: ''During the NBA season in Cleveland, Tristan and I are very structured. You know I have KHLO-C-D, so I lovvvve that structure and order, LOL. It ends up working great for both of us, though, because Tristan has a very strict and chaotic work schedule.

''It can feel like life's all about work sometimes. We're both very understanding partners when it comes to work, so we make sure to schedule and take advantage of our quality time together at the house.

''We normally have very easy nights with dinner and a little relaxing time on the couch. That's pretty much it! Friends will come over, have a glass of wine and play some cards, but that's kind of as wild as we get during the season.''

Meanwhile, the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star recently revealed she is struggling to come up with a moniker for her impending arrival.

When one fan took to Twitter to tell her they couldn't wait to find out what she names her baby, Khloe replied: ''Ugh me too!! lol I can barely decide what I want to eat. Let alone name a baby (sic)''

Khloe's indecisiveness when it comes to naming her baby has led to speculation that she is expecting a baby girl, as whilst she hasn't revealed the gender of her tot yet, she previously admitted she already knew she would call the child Tristan Jr. if it was a boy.

She said: ''[Naming the baby] is the hardest. I think if it's a boy I'll go with Junior. Tristan Jr. For a girl, I don't even know where to begin. I think I want a K, or a T. For Tristan.''