Khloe Kardashian felt a ''little anxiety'' when she left her daughter to go back to work.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star - who has two-month-old daughter True with her partner Tristan Thompson - admits she was nervous about being away from her daughter.

She shared: ''It has definitely caused me a little anxiety. The days leading up to my very first day back were tough, but once I started going through the motions, everything fell into place. It's like riding a bike! On my first day back, True was perfect while I was gone. Plus, coming home was soooo much fun - I acted like I hadn't seen her in forever!''

And the 34-year-old television personality feels lucky to be able to take True with her to work.

She added in a post on her official website and app: ''I've never had to juggle a baby and work at the same time, so it'll be interesting to see how I'll learn to handle everything. Women do it every single day, so I know I'll get through it - I'm just anxious because it's the unknown. But, I'm so fortunate and blessed that I have a job where I'm allowed to bring my daughter pretty often.''

Meanwhile, Khloe previously insisted that motherhood is ''amazing'' but is a big ''adjustment''.

Asked by a fan how she is coping with motherhood, she wrote on Twitter: ''Honestly it's amazing! Of course it's an adjustment but it's so beautiful! Sometimes I don't know what day it is or I don't get a shower LOL but she is finally on a great sleep schedule so I get adult time which is awesome! (sic)''