Khloe Kardashian has revealed her secrets to looking thin in photographs.

The 33-year-old beauty - who is currently pregnant with her first child with NBA star Tristan Thompson - has revealed via her Khloe With a K app that she uses a number of different tricks to ensure that her snaps look as flattering as possible.

Khloe explained: ''Dolls, you know I've never met a filter I didn't like and I don't hate on Photoshop, but there are even more stealth ways to look like you have a sick bod in pics.

''My tips really work, too! Study up below and get ready for your Insta comments to blow the f**k up, lol! (sic)''

In particular, Khloe claimed that the angle of a photo is crucial when it comes to taking the perfect picture.

She explained to her fans: ''Only allow your photographer to shoot from above. It's the only flattering angle.

''If they shoot from beneath, you might as well have had like ten cheat days in a row! (Frito pie anyone?) (sic)''

The curvaceous star also argued that colour choices are among the keys to looking thin.

She continued: ''Wear black or vertical stripes.

''Avoid horizontal stripes and prints if you plan to be within a mile of a camera. They add instant bulk.''

Good posture was another important factor highlighted by Khloe.

The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star - who has become a fitness enthusiast over recent years - shared: ''Make your arms and shoulders werk. Hands on hips.

''Bonus points if you angle sideways and use your camera-facing arm. Shoulders back and away from ears. Always. (sic)''

Meanwhile, Khloe recently revealed she's looking forward to the challenge of losing her pregnancy weight once her daughter is born.

She explained: ''During my pregnancy, I'm obviously not beating myself up about what I'm eating at all.

''I'm more encouraged by how, after the baby comes, I'm going to work off every pound. I'm actually really excited to get my body back. I can't wait!''