Khloe Kardashian has praised her mother Kris Jenner for ''instilling'' a good skincare regime into her from a young age.

The 34-year-old beauty can vividly recall receiving her first cleansing products as a young teenager and she insists taking the time on ''self-care'' isn't a selfish thing to do as it's important to look after the skin.

Speaking in an Instagram video for her sister Kylie Jenner's new Kylie Skin products, she said: ''My mum has always instilled great hygiene in all of us. I got my first skincare set, a face wash, a toner and a moisturiser probably when I was 12 or 13 and it was such a big deal for me that I had a skincare routine.

''Self-care is not selfish and self-care starts with your skin. Your skin definitely is your armour and this is the one skin that we're in so we must handle it with care.''

Kylie - who launched her eponymous $900 million cosmetics empire in 2016 - spent a whole year ''creating'' her six-step skincare line and trialled the products on her own skin for ''10 months''.

The mogul said: ''I'm going to show you guys my everyday skincare routine and talk about my products a little bit more. I start with my face wash, probably my favourite product in the line, it just makes my face feel so clean and retains the natural moisture in your face.

''I went through a lot of samples to get the perfect foaminess and creaminess, and the scent is amazing and refreshing, this almost brings your face back to life, it's a very unique face wash.

''I have been creating this for a year, I have been using it for around ten months. This is my skincare routine, I'm really excited for you guys to try it.''