Khloe Kardashian has praised her boyfriend Tristan Thompson for being ''affectionate'' with her during her pregnancy.

The 33-year-old reality star is expecting to give birth to the pair's first child, a daughter, in a matter of weeks, and has taken to her app to post a loving message about her NBA star beau, whom she credited with giving her ''confidence''.

She wrote: ''There are sooooo many things that I find sexy about Tristan. The way he is affectionate with me! The way he isn't afraid to express himself! But above all, I love how much Tristan loves me - and how he always tells me so. His love gives me so much confidence.''

The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star's high praise for her beau comes after it was recently reported that Tristan has been ''hands on'' when it comes to getting ready to meet their baby girl.

A source said: ''Tristan has been hands-on with helping Khloe through the pregnancy. He's very excited to be having a baby girl.''

Meanwhile, Khloe recently admitted she's been fortunate to have had such a straightforward pregnancy.

The reality TV star said that her lifestyle has hardly been inhibited at all by her baby daughter.

She said: ''What surprises me most about pregnancy is, I think everyone says how hard pregnancy can be, and I think pregnancy has its ups and downs, but I've been very blessed that mine has been pretty much, like, it's been very healthy and I still have a lot of energy and I like to work out. I'm very blessed that mine's been a very active pregnancy.''

Khloe also admitted to relying on her famous siblings and her mother for parenting advice.

She explained: ''The iconic mamas that I look up to are really all in my family. I think my sisters and my mom, my mom having six kids still blows my mind, like, you're crazy, but you're amazing.

''I'm lucky to have so many sisters who are mommies and I just have so many friends and family who have been mommies before myself and, honestly, I love getting advice from everybody.''