The Keeping Up with the Kardashians beauty has always insisted her looks are natural, and her claims have prompted some to suggest she is against the idea of going under the knife - but the 31-year-old insists that isn't true.

"There's this misconception that I'm not into plastic surgery, but I'm into it and I don't care if you have it," she told Cosmopolitan magazine.

Claiming it's "almost like make-up", Khloe continued, "We're all putting on a f**king mask basically every day anyway. When you dye your hair, you're changing who you are, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that."

However, she does take issue with women who only turn to plastic surgery to please their significant others.

"I just don't like when someone else is like, 'Man, I only want to date a girl if they have big t**s,' and then a girl's like, 'I gotta get double-Ds,'" she explained. "If you want them, great. If you're doing that for your man, that's when it bothers me."

As for her own changing body, Khloe, who has been showing off a slimmer figure of late, prefers to switch up her eating habits and hit the gym whenever she feels a little heavier than normal.

"I just have a lot of friends that just go to get liposuction when not once have they tried to go to the gym or tried to change their diet," she said. "That I disagree with. But if you're working out, and you have a trouble area, and it's still bothering you, then go fix it if you want."

"I think that's where people misconstrue when I say I'm not into plastic surgery," she added. "I definitely am a fan of plastic surgery. I just think you need to go through the proper channels first."

But that doesn't mean she's had work done on her own facial features: "Everyone says I've had a nose job because my nose is smaller now and I swear I haven't," she insisted. "When I lost weight, my nose did get smaller, and also I now know about contouring. Like when I wash my face, my nose is wider."

And her nose and waistline aren't the only things shrinking in size - she's convinced her vagina has also tightened with weight loss.

"Now that I've lost weight, I swear my p**s has lost weight too, which I did not know that was an option but thank god," she laughed to Nylon magazine.