Khloe Kardashian has to use formula milk to feed her daughter on top of breastfeeding, because she isn't producing enough milk.

The 33-year-old reality star welcomed her daughter True into the world in April, and in a post on her website and app this week, she revealed her ''total lifesaver'' product has been the Baby Breeze Formula Pro One-Step Bottle Maker, as it's helped her to make sure her tot - whom she has with boyfriend Tristan Thompson - is well-fed.

She explained: ''Technically, I don't need something like this because I breastfeed, but because I don't produce enough milk, I also have to give a bottle with every feeding. And, with the formula I use, I have to give True the bottle within 30 minutes of making it, so it's amazing to have this machine make it for me. It's super easy to use - and fast, so when I'm exhausted and can't even keep my eyes open in the middle of the night, it's a total lifesaver.''

But despite having to drink two different kinds of milk, True is definitely a healthy baby, which the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star revealed when she spoke about how ''excited'' she gets whenever her daughter poops.

She said recently: ''One thing about motherhood that I didn't know is that every time baby True goes potty, it is like a party in here. And I cheer, and it's like a poop party. I go, 'Oh my Gosh, Mama, I'm so proud of you! You went potty!'

''The joys of motherhood. And it's the little things that make us happy. Because I know her tummy's feeling good and her digestive system is working. I didn't know these things would excite me. My, how things have changed.''

True is ''already on a schedule and has been so awesome about it'', too.

Khloe added: ''Every time True takes a nap, I play a sound machine. It's like white noise, so it blocks out any disruptive sounds around the house, like a vacuum or lawn mower. Also, when she hears the noise, it already kind of puts her in the state that she's going to sleep, so she's relaxed.

''I know babies are unpredictable and things can change every day, but for now, this has worked like a charm!''