Khloe Kardashian is craving cereal - for every meal.

The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star is currently expecting her first child and has found she is always hungry for breakfast food during her third trimester.

Posting her snack obsession on Twitter, Khloe said: ''Today for lunch I had a salad and THREE bowls of cereal. I had no control in the kitchen. Cereal is the one food that is good at anytime of day (sic)''

The 33-year-old is six months pregnant with her first child, which she is expecting with NBA star boyfriend with Tristan Thompson.

The 'Revenge Body' star previously came under fire for working out while pregnant, but she blasted her critics and vowed to continue sharing her fitness posts.

She hit back on Twitter: ''For the ones who think they are physicians all of a sudden. But MY doctor and I communicate and my workouts are cleared and highly recommended. Thanks kiddos! Don't make me stop sharing s**t (sic).''

As her due date approaches Khloe is starting to take things slower, enjoying ''easy nights'' in with Tristan.

But she admitted she is already thinking about getting back in shape are the baby is born.

Khloe tweeted: Now I am googling images of my pre-pregnancy body and I'm feigning to get back to my workouts and old body. Holy cow (sic)''

Meanwhile, Khloe recently revealed she is struggling to come up with a moniker for her impending arrival.

When one fan took to Twitter to tell her they couldn't wait to find out what she names her baby, Khloe replied: ''Ugh me too!! lol I can barely decide what I want to eat. Let alone name a baby (sic)''