Khloe Kardashian is a ''pretty good s**t talker''.

The 'X Factor' presenter admitted she likes trash talking but insists she isn't malicious and merely likes to joke around.

She told Swagger New York: ''I am a pretty good s**t talker but I don't think I am a hater, I am just a realist so I don't know if that's shade. But I am a pretty good... like I will just be like what the f**k are you guys doing. But its not..... it's more like s**t talking and bantering back and forth.''

Khloe, 28, also revealed she and her famous sisters Kim and Khloe like to give each other a hard time but they always support each other in the end.

She explained: ''None of us...none of us are malicious but also don't block each other's blessings.

''If anything, for example like my sisters the first week of X Factor where like 'you can do this,' they where like so supportive and uplifting and they could have been like yeah... you shouldn't... If they wanted to, they could have but we aren't like that. And that's what's phenomenal. So I don't know if we really block shade, I think it's more like sisterly criticism and back and forth.''