The reality TV star was flattered to find Lena had recently used one of Khloe's quotes from her app, which featured a photo of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and read: "Just knowing you're a bada** b**ch is what life is all about", on her social media page.

"True thanks for this necessary reminder @khloekardashian," Lena captioned her Instagram post, adding, "(f**k yes I bought the app. And I learn things from it every day)."

Now Khloe has responded to the complimentary post with a full blog entry, titled 4 Ways Lena Dunham Is Pretty Much My Soul Sister.

"I was beyond honored when Lena Dunham Instagrammed one of my Khlo$-isms (quotes) a couple weeks ago!!!" she exclaimed. "Did you see her caption? It read: 'F**k yes I bought the app. And I learn things from it every day.' Thank you, boo!"

"I LOVE what Lena stands for: She is honest, real and thoughtful and brings all of that to her fans with her super inspiring site, Lenny Letter," she continued. "I connect with her message so much!"

She then went on to point out four reasons why she believes Lena should be an honourary Kardashian.

"Here's how I know she's my sister from another mister," she began, before applauding Lena's efforts to prevent having her photoshoots retouched.

"Lena and I have had our share of Photoshop 'controversies' and aren't afraid to share the real thing...," she explained. "Lena is the ultimate champion of feeling sexy in your own skin. Women loving their bodies is such a powerful thing!"

She also hailed Lena's drama series, Girls, which she created and stars in, branding it, "revolutionary for women in entertainment", while she also boasted about their accomplishments as authors.

"Lena's book, 'Not That Kind of Girl' and my book, 'Strong Looks Better Naked,' both made the New York Times Best-Seller list!" she celebrated.

Khloe wrapped up her list by joking about the pair's "quotable" statements, and then shared a trio of selfies Lena had previously posted online, complete with her memorable comments.

Lena has yet to respond to the sweet dedication.