Khloe Kardashian doesn't feel the need to be thin.

The reality TV star's weight has fluctuated over the years and while she admits she will never be a typical Hollywood size, she says it doesn't get her down as she wants to concentrate on being happy and healthy.

She told Redbook magazine: "Do I have days where my weight issues eat away at me and I get depressed? Of course. But they don't last long. I'm not perfect. Just because I'm on TV, people think that I have 24/7 access to trainers and nutritionists. Often I don't have the time or want to spend the money to do all that. I've learned that if I go to the gym and eat appropriately, I'm fine. I don't need to fit into a mould.

The 25-year-old star dramatically lost 30lbs back in 2009 but said at the time that she never thought she was fat.

She said: "I'd always be in tight dresses. In my head I did not think I was ever fat. Other people did, but I didn't think I was - ever!"

Khloe has said one of the reasons she has never felt bad about herself is because her parents have always taught the importance of having self-confidence.

She said: "Our parents raised us to be comfortable in our own skin."