Khloe Kardashian has reportedly been fired from the US version of 'The X Factor'.

The reality TV star - who joined the singing competition during its second season along with Mario Lopez - will not be asked back for the third series which is due to air later this year, but her co-host is expected to return.

Khloe, 28, was selected by producer and judge Simon Cowell to join the second season, which was won by country singer Tate Stevens, amidst a cast shake-up which included introducing 'Scream & Shout' hitmaker Britney Spears and Demi Lovato as judges.

The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star and Mario, 39, replaced Welsh presenter Steve Jones, who fronted the first season.

Khloe previously expressed she was hopeful about returning to the show and felt she grew over the course of the season.

She said: ''I've never done live TV before, and I was asked to not do any hosting lessons because they wanted me to be just myself.

''I will have an earpiece in my ear, and while I'm trying to read the teleprompter then I have someone counting down ... and they're like, 'Okay, ask Simon this or that' ... There were so just so many pieces I never knew were involved in live TV.

''I do feel like through every show I got better and better, but my first week I literally was like, 'I am going to die. I want to fake a heart attack.' ''

Should Khloe depart, show bosses will need to find a new co-host as well as two new judges following the departures of L.A. Reid and Britney Spears from the panel.