Khloe Kardashian ''didn't care'' about her family's reality TV show when it launched in 2007.

The 33-year-old beauty has revealed that she and her older sister Kourtney, 38, were both dismissive of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' when it aired a decade ago, not realising how it would transform their lives.

Khloe shared: ''Kourtney and I didn't care.

''Kourtney and I were like fully in the store, she was in Smooch, I was in DASH. And we were literally told we'll film around the stores to make you guys comfortable. We did not care.''

But Khloe's sister Kim recognised the show gave the Kardashians an opportunity to develop their various business interests.

The brunette beauty - who is married to rap star Kanye West - told E! News: ''We thought it would be good for business. That's what I said to get them to want to do it.''

Meanwhile, Khloe previously admitted that none of her family expected the show to become the runaway success that it's turned into.

But the curvaceous star feels proud that they've been ''raw and honest'' throughout the time the programme has been on the air.

She previously said: ''We never could have fathomed the longevity of the show - that we would film 14 seasons and a handful of spin-offs. I don't think anybody could have.

''When it comes to our drama, we are a large, blended family. If you put a microscope over any family for 10 years, you're bound to find cracks in the foundation. That's just the name of the game, and we're strong enough to endure it.

''We are by nature vulnerable and open people. And I think it's a gift to be that way. I know a lot of people who are superb actors, who could act the f**k out of a role, but they could never be themselves in front of a camera - it would be too much to have people tear them apart or judge them.

''I totally get that, but this is what we do. And we do it together. This is what we've chosen, and we've chosen to be as raw and honest as we can.''