Khloe Kardashian "custom made" jewellery for her husband's birthday.

The reality TV star admitted her basketball player spouse, Lamar Odom, is difficult to buy gifts for, but felt he would like the "symbolism" of personalised jewellery for his 31st birthday last weekend.

She told "He loves jewellery. So I custom made him some jewellery pieces. He's incredibly hard to shop for, but he says I'm harder so I think everyone just says that, but I'm more into sentimental stuff.

"I make sure if it is jewellery, because I know he likes it, that I do it so it has certain symbolism in it for him."

Lamar couldn't get his actual birthday on Saturday (06.11.10) off working, but afterward the couple enjoyed a "very romantic" day together, alone, where Khloe presented him with his custom made present.

Khloe added: "We actually hung out one-on-one, very low key at the house. He had a work appearance in Mission Viejo, California so we did that together. I went with him.

"Then we just hung out at the house, had a dinner and everything. Very romantic."

The couple usually share their house with Khloe's brother, Rob Kardashian, but insisted he doesn't get in their way, and they are glad they all get on so well.

Khloe said: "You can either have it two ways; you know your brother and your husband don't get along or in my circumstances they love each other.

"They each don't have brothers, so they're now each other's brothers. I'm blessed to have it my way. I only want it my way.

"But yes, obviously I go through my selfish phases where I think, 'I want to hang out with Lamar.' But it's such a blessing."