Khloe Kardashian has her mother to thank for her ''Khlo-C-D''.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star has a penchant for keeping things organised and clean and says it is her mom Kris Jenner that has instilled that in her.

She said: ''I have Kris Jenner to thank. The interesting thing is my mom is a hoarder, but she demands cleanliness and structure from me (and all her kids). She was always very vocal about my room being impeccably clean.''

And the 33-year-old singer - who is expecting her first child with her partner Tristan Thompson - also picked up a lot of hosting etiquette from her mother too.

She added on her website: ''Besides the Khlo-C-D, my mom also taught me hosting etiquette, like how to set the dinner table, the appropriate silverware to use and how to position them. So, I really am grateful for everything that she taught me!''

Meanwhile, Khloe previously revealed her time with Tristan is very ''structured'', which is just like she likes.

Writing on her app, she shared: ''During the NBA season in Cleveland, Tristan and I are very structured. You know I have KHLO-C-D, so I lovvvve that structure and order, LOL. It ends up working great for both of us, though, because Tristan has a very strict and chaotic work schedule.

''It can feel like life's all about work sometimes. We're both very understanding partners when it comes to work, so we make sure to schedule and take advantage of our quality time together at the house.

''We normally have very easy nights with dinner and a little relaxing time on the couch. That's pretty much it! Friends will come over, have a glass of wine and play some cards, but that's kind of as wild as we get during the season.''