Khloe Kardashian has always struggled to deal with comparisons to her sisters.

The 33-year-old reality TV star has opened up about her struggles in a new episode of 'Revenge Body', admitting she's never enjoyed being compared to her sisters Kim, 37, and Kourtney, 38.

During a sit-down conversation with talent manager Melissa, Khloe shared: ''My entire life I've been compared to my sisters and I don't look like them.

''I always had blonde, really curly hair and when you're young and you're chubby and tall ... I would have teachers be like 'Oh, you're Kourtney and Kim's sister?'''

Khloe - who is currently pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Tristan Thompson - confessed to being hurt behind the tone of people's words.

But she urged a crying Melissa not to worry about the harsh comments too much.

The reality star said: ''I know how you feel and it hurts and those things stay with you forever, but I don't want you to ever think you're not pretty because you are.''

Meanwhile, Khloe recently revealed she previously considered hiring a surrogate mother because she thought she would never get pregnant.

She said: ''I thought about surrogacy at one point, but then it just didn't cross my mind. When I got pregnant, I was just so surprised ... I was just in shock, I think as much as everybody else was.''

But Khloe is now looking forward to experiencing motherhood, saying she feels ''ready'' to have a baby.

She explained: ''I think [parenthood] puts so many things into perspective. And so many people say, 'Once you have a baby, your life just begins, and you're going to realise everything you were doing was nonsense.'

''But honestly, I'm just so happy this is happening in my life right now. People always say, 'When you're ready, you'll have a baby.' I feel so ready.''