Kevin Spacey's Old Vic theatre is being picketed by the TRANSPORT AND GENERAL WORKERS' UNION (T+G) this Thursday (31MAR05) because they're furious his playhouse is using money they believe should be spent on their wages.

Outrage was sparked when corporate bank giant MORGAN STANLEY agreed to sponsor Spacey's latest play NATIONAL ANTHEMS at the theatre, because the trade union believes the money should have been spent on workers' salaries.

And campaigners will target the London theatre, at which Spacey is artistic director, in a bid to increase the wages of office cleaning staff in London.

A spokesperson at the T+G says, "They are giving the Old Vic $940,000 (GBP500,000), which ought to have gone to helping cleaners earn a living wage of $12.00 (GBP6.70) an hour.

"We have asked Mr Spacey to meet our members, and hope that, as a good Democrat, he'll agree."

30/03/2005 13:49