Hollywood star Kevin Spacey only makes one demand when he signs his film contracts - a ping-pong table on set. The Usual Suspects actor is a table tennis fanatic and even taught acting pal DAME Judi Dench to play the sport on the Canadian set of The Shipping News. Spacey says, "Unlike a lot of stories that you hear about actors who demand lots of things in their contract and lots of people and chefs and all that jazz, I'm not one of those. All I want on location of a movie is a ping-pong table in my living room in the hotel. That's all I want. "In fact, a couple of years back I went to London and Judi invited me out to dinner, and I said, 'Oh good, we'll get to play ping-pong again.' She said, 'Oh please, I don't have a ping-pong table.' I said, 'You don't have a ping-pong table?' "So I went out that day and I purchased a ping-pong table and I got a truck and a couple of hefty guys and I drove out to her country house - some people bring flowers, some people bring wine, I brought a ping-pong table."