Kevin Spacey is making sure his Christmas Bobby Darin hits tour is a real treat for fans of the crooner by signing up Frank Sinatra's drummer and top producer PHIL RAMONE.

The movie star, who plays Darin in upcoming biopic Beyond The Sea, will perform the crooner's top tunes when he tours America this winter (04) - and he's determined to make every show a real treat.

Spacey says, "We are playing in New York, then San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, Atlantic City and we end at the Wayne Newton Theater at the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas.

"It's just crazy. We're rehearsing in Los Angeles with Phil Ramone as the producer, and ROGER CALLOWAY, who went on the road with Bobby and was his music director.

"We've got Frank Sinatra's drummer, GREG FIELDS, who's keeping the beat. The really fun part is I get to do all kinds of music that I couldn't fit in the movie. We'll do the hits and I'm just having a ball."

23/11/2004 02:37