LATEST: Kevin Spacey has hit back at the British press for twisting his comments about "antisocial theatre-goers".

The 45-year-old is currently artistic director of London's Old Vic theatre, and came under fire yesterday (29SEP04) from British actor JOSEPH FIENNES and his Young Vic theatre counterpart DAVID LAN, for attacking unruly audiences.

Spacey says of his original comments, "They were characterised in a manner that the British public is used to. Papers tend to take the simplest thing that you say, shake it up, make it inflammatory, turn it into a broadside - but none of that happened.

"I made some very off-hand, not serious, actually funny comments about the things that occasionally happen, and suddenly they turn it into a characterisation of me that I hope the British public knows is not true.

"I have incredible respect for the people who pay their good, hard-earned money to come to the theatre."

30/09/2004 21:10