Hollywood star Kevin Spacey has vowed to stay in Britain despite the furore surrounding his supposed mugging in London in the early hours of Saturday (18APR04) morning.

Spacey originally told authorities he had his mobile phone stolen from him as he was walking in the capital at 4.30am, after arriving at KENNINGTON POLICE STATION bleeding from a head wound.

However, the OSCAR winner then admitted he had lied about the incident, explaining instead he was embarrassed about being conned out of his mobile by a young boy, who told Spacey he needed to borrow the phone.

But, the incident - which has led to renewed innuendo in the British press about Spacey's sexuality - has failed to deter the actor from his role in the country as the artistic director of the OLD VIC THEATRE.

He says, "For all this to happen at such an exciting moment for me as we are poised to announce our first season at the Old Vic is unfortunate. I do not love London any less."

22/04/2004 17:03