Kevin Spacey turned a working trip to Las Vegas into a money spinner thanks to a group of clever gamblers he's working with on a new movie. The Usual Suspects star is producing a new film, 21, which is adapted from the real-life confessions of a group of cardcounting U.S. students, who were caught cheating in Sin City. And he discovered that the guys who were caught can still be very helpful at Vegas card tables - even though none of them are allowed to gamble anymore. He explains, "The guys who were actually on this team were with us and we'd go out with them... and we'd gamble. They can count cards. They're not allowed to play anymore but that doesn't mean they're not allowed to stand behind your chair. "They kinda nudged me everytime I should raise my bet and I did... $42,000. I walked away." During an appearance on The Late Show on Friday (25May07), Spacey told U.S. chat show host David Letterman that what he did in Las Vegas isn't considered illegal because he didn't use a device to win big.