Kevin Spacey met with the mayor of London on Monday (21Sep09) to discuss ways to increase financial backing for the arts.
The actor joined Boris Johnson at the British capital's Victoria and Albert Museum, where they gathered with business leaders to plot ideas for investment in the U.K.'s cultural attractions during the global economic downturn.
Spacey, who serves as artistic director for London's Old Vic theatre, argued the city's museums and theatres serve to boost the economy.
He said, "I genuinely believe that the U.K.'s pre-eminence in arts and culture constitutes one of this nation's most powerful national resources.
"Too often we highlight the social aspects of what we can achieve or the artistic merits which are, of course, important. But I believe at this time, at this moment, we should change tack. Instead of apologetically holding our hat in our hands, we should cite the economic successes of what is, after all, called show business."