Kevin Spacey is to head off on a 12-date American tour singing Bobby Darin hits to promote his upcoming biopic on the crooner, Beyond The Sea, in which he stars.

The OSCAR winner, who also directs the film about the MACK THE KNIFE singer, hopes to win concert audiences over with his Darinesque vocals and prompt them to see the movie.

And studio bosses at LION'S GATE PRODUCTIONS are convinced that the tour, combined with a delay on the film's release, will give Spacey a shot at winning another Oscar.

Lion's Gate vice-president MICHAEL BURNS says, "We've seen most of it (the film) and we think its an award contender, whether it be Golden GlobeS or Oscars.

"We've had 17 award nominations in four years and we're hoping this is one of our strong suits this year.

"If we can really push and get the word out there and get Academy members and Golden Globes members and get people talking about this picture, we can take it to the next level."

13/07/2004 02:23