Kevin Spacey took his role as dastardly SUPERMAN RETURNS villain LEX LUTHER seriously on the set of the movie - he drove around in a golf cart yelling "Superman must die!" through a bull horn. Spacey terrified new Superman Brandon Routh and the rest of the cast and crew by camping up his character at all times. He tells website, "I had my golf cart kind of souped up. I had Kryptonite stripes put on the side and I had a big Superman logo on the front with an 'X' through it. It was called the Super Blaster. "We tied a Superman doll on the back with a chain, so I just dragged it around... By the end of the shoot, it was just this f**kin' ball of mess with a little cape. "I had a bull horn and I used to scream through the bull horn 'Superman must die!' "I remember I was driving back from the stage and Brandon was coming out of his trailer and he hadn't seen this yet - 'Superman must die"' (He was like,) 'Oh f**k, I'm so screwed.'"