Hollywood star Kevin Spacey has hit out at audiences at London's OLD VIC theatre, insisting they need to learn to behave in a proper manner.

The AMERICAN BEAUTY star - who is artistic director at the historic playhouse - has become so incensed by the disruption caused by ringing mobile phones and the opening of sweet packets during performances, he now personally issues a warning to audiences.

Spacey argues, "I don't think people take those things seriously. That's why mobile phones go off in the theatre, and that's why people open candy bars thinking if they open it slowly it will be less annoying than if they open it fast.

"My answer is that I say to each audience 'Don't!' You have to respect the fact there is some degree of behaviour that we expect in the theatre and we're going to demand it at the Old Vic. It's a phone-free zone.

"We don't want them ringing and we certainly don't want them ringing and people ignoring them pretending that it's not theirs."

The OSCAR winner is currently making his directorial debut at the Old Vic with the play CLOACA.

21/09/2004 17:19