Actor Kevin Spacey has slammed producers of a U.S. morning TV show for cutting short an interview to promote his upcoming film RECOUNT.
Spacey's forthcoming movie covers the controversial stalemate that tied U.S. presidential candidates George W. Bush and Al Gore in 2000.
The actor appeared on U.S. programme The Today Show on Monday (19May08) to talk about the film - only to recount his disappointing guest spot to another talkshow host, David Letterman, later that evening.
He says, "I started my morning in a very unusual experience. I did a drive-by interview on the Today Show.
"You would think that a subject like the 2000 election would deserve to come into the studio, come in, show a clip. No, I was on The Plaza (outside) with (hosts) Al (Roker) and Meredith (Viera) and what's his name? Matt (Lauer). I was wondering where the hell he was.
"We were on The Plaza like we were waiting for a bus. The whole thing was over in about a minute-and-a-half. I could've done it as I drove by in my car.
"I think it's a new thing now: if you're not on (U.S. reality TV show) Dancing with the Stars, you don't get any time. Which is why I'm very happy to be in the studio. I'm very grateful. I thought I was going to be on 54th street on remote."